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Quality of time and Space

Quality of time and Space

Quality of time and Space


Headquarter for the Europe & Africa activities

We are part of a global innovative automotive interior parts manufacturer.

Our product lineup includes seats, headliners, filtration and powertrain components, as well as textiles and exterior components. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable automobile interior space for people all over the world.

Our regional headquarter is based in Zaventem (Belgium), in the heart of Europe. Our teams ensure the development as well as the manufacturing of high-quality car interior components.

Headquarters responsible for the Europe & Africa region

Zaventem, Brussels area, Belgium, EU

2 branches, in Germany and Turkey.

5819 employees in the Europe & Africa region

7 countries, 8 manufacturing companies, 
2 R&D centers

Nearly 200 employees representing over 15 nationalities in the Brussels office

Toyota Boshoku in Europe and Africa region


We Move Forward with the World in Safety, Security and Comfort: “Creating Space Inside, for Mobility Outside”.


We Create Security and Comfort through Quality Interior Space for Diverse, Innovative,
Mobile Europe and Africa.

In Global company Philosophy

We aim to continue developing as a company that contributes to society and grows in
harmony with our local communities as a good corporate citizen. We have instituted the
Toyota Boshoku Fundamental Principles so that we may continue to enjoy the trust of our
shareholders, investors, and all other stakeholders. We shall fulfil our corporate
responsibilities through company activities based on these principles.

Explore what motivates greatness and check what our people say about working for Toyota Boshoku Europe.

Ani Nil Demirbag
Senior Legal Specialist
Legal & BARC

As an expat I consider Toyota Boshoku “the” place to work where I can truly experience the multinational environment of a global company that is driven by “Kaizen”, continuous improvement. While not losing touch with traditional values, TB sets an example of how to best combine the know-how and the latest developments in the market. As part of the legal team, I am glad that I get the chance to work with various divisions managing different processes and operations. I know that my support is appreciated and thus it contributes to our goal as a company to make TB a respectful, happy workplace.”

Akiko Imazu
Senior Technical Administration Specialist
Technical Administration & Profit Management

While working for Toyota Boshoku I am constantly growing up with the diversity of responsibilities and performing deep analysis. I am currently in charge of R&D resources control and process improvement leading R&D strategy. In our company, I value the most having good communication and collaboration with other division and all employees, as well as respecting other cultures and different opinions. I care a lot about Corporate Social Responsibility, which belongs to Toyota Boshoku code of conduct. Contributing to society, including compliance and risk management is the nature of healthy company being.

Daan Kerkhofs
Vice President Administration

Joining the team at Toyota Boshoku has been an extraordinary journey. As an automotive components company, it fosters an environment of innovation, collaboration, and tackling today’s challenges. I have been truly inspired by the passion and expertise of my colleagues, who collectively drive our success. The company's commitment to employee well-being through flexibility and inclusion has made it a great place to work. I am proud to be part of this dynamic organization, and I encourage all aspiring professionals seeking an enriching and fulfilling experience to consider Toyota Boshoku as their destination of choice.

Kristien Van Vlaenderen
Internal Communication Senior General Manager

I started my journey with Toyota Boshoku in 2009 and it has been a fascinating one. It fulfils my love for cars by allowing me to work close to the product, even in an administration scope. Toyota Boshoku gives the opportunity to rotate position globally as well as locally, providing the possibility to enjoy the diversity of Toyota Boshoku as well as its time-tested traditional values. It is a world of innovation, teamwork, successful challenges, and an ever-lasting spirit of never giving up. The company, its philosophy and the people who make Toyota Boshoku are an enrichment to one’s personal and professional life.

Joost Sunt
HR & General Administration General Manager

Looking back at my 14 years career in Toyota Boshoku Europe, I realize how important is strong company culture and values such us company philosophy, mission & vision. TB-way (8 rules and guidelines which are describing Toyota Boshoku attitude towards, work, team members and society) as well as passion for continuous improvement challenged me to develop myself and grow into several roles. During my time in Purchasing and Production Management Division I experienced how important but also challenging is teamwork when concerning multicultural culture and environment. Today, as HR GM, I contribute to this diverse company culture and I witness how it powers up teamwork and sense of unity.

Quality of time and space

At Toyota Boshoku, we look at mobility much wider than just a means of transportation. For  
us, mobility is also a space, and we endeavour to bring more comfort, more fulfilment to the  
space itself and the time spent there. With this in mind, the Toyota Boshoku group offers  
solutions for automobile interiors and other spaces, while leveraging our strengths in R&D,  
MONOZUKURI(1) and HITOZUKURI(2) to expand our operations globally.

(1)Manufacturing and craftsmanship  
(2)Human resources development to realize Principles of Toyoda


Toyota’s Boshoku 2050 Environmental Vision aims in creating a sustainable global environment where children lead their lives with a smile. Based on this vision, six Stretch Environmental Goals has been established, including the challenge of achieving zero CO2 emissions in business activities, efforts in responding to climate change, resource depletion, water scarcity and biodiversity crisis. 

For more global information, please visit the global website.